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Meet CeCe Spirit

As a child CeCe felt a powerful connection to the mystical realm and has
allowed that to guide her down a spirit driven path throughout her entire life. 

Watching the butterflies dance inspired love for movement, seeing all the
beautiful colors and magical forms induced her creative flow.

This knowing of the vastness of existence fueled her
wanderlust for travel and expansion. 

Her unbounded curiosity led her across the world to study many
modalities including gentle yogic and chakra dance, transformative
massage, mind/body and energy work, leadership and yada. 

CeCe is a passionate life-long student in art history and expressive arts.
She's worked coordinating local art exhibits, as a Director of a Multicultural Art Program,
and has been recognized and featured at the International Peace Conference. 

CeCe Spirit is an artist, intuitive, body worker, dancer, mother,
grandmother, and nurturer of the artist within.
Over the last 30 years CeCe has used her intuition,
practical knowledge and training to empower and
guide 1000’s of people into a healing space of joyful self-expression. 

She has manifested a life sustained by her limitless creativity
and recognizes her purpose in showing you how you can too!
Her 12-week signature program, Lift Your Spirits, will guide you down
a victorious path of unlocking your creative freedom with a process
she has established and lived through her own soul journey.
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