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CeCe Spirit's 12-week coaching program,
Lift Your Spirits!,
will guide you down a victorious path of unlocking your creative freedom!


Lift Your Spirits!

Lift Your Spirits! is a creative journey of 1-on-1 coaching that assists participants in unlocking and rekindling the relationship with the inner playful artists' self.


Through CeCe’s creative embodied practices you awaken to inspiration through modalities of writing, meditation, dance, art, breathwork and more.


If you have daydreamed of being more creative, imagine living a life that allows

you to create on a regular basis! What would that do for your spirit and the way you show up in your life?



CeCe's coaching style is inspired by the Artist's Way and many years of teaching and guiding people to their creative greatness.  By practicing various techniques's, one such as the Artist's Way, and many others that will Lift Your Spirits!, participants develop routines that support their long-term artistic visions and flow. 

Embark now on the journey to unlock your creative freedom and manifest the life you were born to live!

It's  time to strategize your revival! Bringing in a creative coach  to support you  will amplify the benefits that you will gain to come closer and closer towards your goals.


Reset and renew your Creative commitment…


CREATIVE AWAKENINGS  with CeCe supports your inner seeing to envision what is possible. 


Let me support you in bringing your visions to life. 

Say YES to your Creativity NOW!   
Send CeCe a message to Lift Your Spirits!

Thank you for your message! CeCe will be in touch soon.

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