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Are you feeling disconnected from targeted spiritual intention towards what you’re wanting to attract? 


What if I told you that it’s possible to turn an everyday occurrence that you’re already committing to daily into a powerful ritual to manifest everything you desire in life? 


What if every morning you began by sipping on powerful creative elixir in a mug that you designed and brought to life?

Drinking your morning coffee or tea from a cup displaying a personal power symbol that you created can boost more than your just your morning. It can become a powerful tool to manifest your intentions. Symbols are portals that flow intentional energy through them. Having a power symbol that you connect with acts as a  stepping stone. It creates a path and  It gives you direction and focus.


Holding your power cup will connect you to your own story; to the things you care about. It’s a visual affirmation of the symbol calling from your heart. It’s your own art, something you created, that supports the vision you have for yourself. It speaks your unique personal message. You get to hold it, see it, and let its energy infuse your liquid with its intention that you then sip into your body as fuel towards realizing it.

What could be possible if you invested in an art class where you not only created something beautiful to look at but also a tool to use to manifest your dream life?

Creating your own Powerful Manifestation Mug is the intention for our Cosmic Cup Power Up - Reiki-Infused Creative Ceremony on
Friday,  April 1 from 7-9pm PST

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 3.32.29 PM.png

Guided by:


CeCe Spirit is an artist, intuitive, body worker, Reiki practitioner, dancer, teacher, mentor and nurturer of the artist within. 


CreaTiff is a graphic designer, artist, Reiki Master, lightworker, healer, yoga and meditation instructor, free-spirited PLAYer.

What you’ll get:


   Power Symbol Creation Art Class

   Your own Reik-Infused Symbol


   A Custom 15 oz Manifestation Mug with your symbol on it 


How You’ll get it:


  Connecting for an uplifting intention setting New Moon Ceremony

  Playful movement to get your creative energy flowing

   Presentation on Symbols - Their power and how to use them 

   Reiki-infused Vision quest meditation to allow your power symbol to reveal itself

   Guidance through the creative process of designing your personal  power symbol

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 3.17.50 AM.png

How much more could you manifest if you had a power symbol to help focus your energy towards your achieving your goals? 


It’s time to follow the voice of your spirit. Listen to the wisdom of your soul. Let it guide you on an energetic journey to discover your power symbol through art and understanding of ancient and modern shapes! Everything you need is already within you. Your cup is full. Let’s work towards making it overflow with prosperity, abundance, and joy! 


Your symbol will power up your consciousness with creativity through your rendering that is created by you and brought to life in the infinite universe allowing your energy to move through it. The universe wants nothing more than to conspire in your favor. Your Cosmic Cup can be the vessel to assist in making that happen!

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